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THE PLAYS OF ANTON CHEKHOV. Idiomatic versions of Chekhov’s major plays: Ivanov, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya (The Hope Theatre, Islington, 2019), Three Sisters & The Cherry Orchard (The Brockley Jack, 2015).

How Sweet the Sound
(co-written with Kim Tatum)
Cast: 8 (2w/1m/2transwomen/2transmen/1non-binary); 120 minutes
Play with songs examining the lives of a group of trans people and exploring their relationship with exclusionary radical feminism. Workshopped at Salisbury Playhouse (2021). Unproduced.

From Rushmere With Love
Cast: 4 (2m/2w) or 3m/1w); 110 minutes
A mad hat mashup of all things James Bond, commissioned and produced (in an adapted version) by Eastern Angles 2021-2022,

Up Down Man
Cast: 6 (4m/2w); 70 minutes
Commissioned by Myrtle Theatre Company and co-produced by Salisbury Playhouse, spring 2016 this is a dance-play for a company including an actor/dancer with Down’s Syndrome. It was given a second production at The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, in autumn 2017.

Antigone Cast: flexible; 60 minutes
New version of the tragedy by Sophocles originally produced by Drama Studio London at The New Diorama (2015) and subsequently by Tales Retold at The Hope Theatre, Islington (2016) directed by Matthew Parker.

Seeing the Lights Cast: 5 (3m/2w); 110 minutes
A bitter-sweet comedy about family guilt and responsibility commissioned and produced by Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, summer 2014. Directed by Stefan Escreet.

Entertaining Angels
Cast: 5 (3m/2w); 110 minutes
The story of a rural parish in decline, a priest facing both a crisis of faith and the collapse of his marriage, and the strange figure who arrives in the village one day, seemingly with an answer to everyone's prayers. Commissioned and produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company, 2013.

Missing in Action
Cast: 5 (3m/2w); 110 minutes
The story of two mates who join the army; how one dies and the other survives to battle with post-traumatic stress - and impact these outcomes have on their families. Commissioned and produced by Proteus Theatre Company, 2012.

Round The Twist
Cast: 5 (3m/2w); 110 minutes
A Dickensian farrago summed up by its subtitle: Oliver Nicklefield’s
Bleak Little Tale of Two Mutual Expectations. And son. Commissioned and produced by Eastern Angles, 2011. Directed (and adapted!) by Ivan Cutting

Mansfield Park & Ride Cast 6 (2m/4w); 110 minutes
Comic take on Austen novels, complete with feisty heroine; taciturn hero; oily cleric; ambitious mother; unscrupulous cad, and lots of wet shirts. Songs by Richard Taylor. Commissioned and produced by Eastern Angles Theatre Company 2009, directed by Ivan Cutting.

The Falling Sky Cast 5 (2m/3w); 90 minutes
Drama about priorities and choices told through the lives of five inhabitants of a rural community over the course of one fateful year. Commissioned and produced by Oxfordshire Theare Company 2007, directed by Clare Smout. Audio version for New Perspectives Theatre Company 2010, starring Stephanie Cole, Julian Glover and Amanda Root, directed by Daniel Buckroyd.

Big Baby Cast: 4 (2m/2w); 60 minutes
Darkly comic morality tale exploring the pressures of parenting and education in a world obsessed with the measurable. Jointly commissioned and produced by Theatre Centre, London and The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 1999, directed by Simon Nicholson. Two subsequent productions by Visible Fictions and Oxfordshire Theatre Company. Runner up for The John Whiting Award 2000.

The Angelic Aspiration Cast: 10 (4m/6w); 110 minutes
The 1937 Basque Children's Camp and its impact on the lives of one ordinary English woman and her family. Originally commissioned and produced by Solent Peoples Theatre 1990, directed by Val Jenner. Three subsequent productions at Drama Studio London.

My Beautiful Laundrette Cast: 9 (7m/2w); 120 minutes
Adaptation of Hanif Kureshi's screenplay starring Naveen Andrews and Ian Hart. Commissioned and produced by The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff 1990, directed by Kate Rowland. Tristan Bates Theatre London 2013 directed by Helen Tennison.

Vision Of Loveliness Cast: 8 (6m/2w); 120 minutes
A post-World War II all-male revue interwoven (fifty years on) with a love story about two old men as they struggle to deal with the fears of old age. Songs by Terry Davies. Commissioned by The Albany Theatre, Deptford. Unproduced.

Little Maggie Dancing Cast: 5 (2m/3w); 90 minutes
Theatre piece for actors and dancers about a couple's struggle to come to terms, after fifty years of marriage, with each other, their failed dreams and the death of their son. Commissioned by The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. Unproduced.

Diary of a Madman Cast: 1 (m); 45 minutes
Adaptation of Gogol's classic novella charting one man's descent into madness. Unproduced.


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