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Theatre for teenage audiences                  

Johnny Boy
Mozart’s Don Giovanni re-imagined as a 45 minute piece of music theatre for youth theatre performers. Musical direction by Dominic Harlan. Produced by Glyndebourne Education at the Pavilion Theatre Brighton, July 2011.

Scarlet Ribbons
Cast 3 (2m/1w): 50 minutes
An old woman’s final days in the company of a teenage housebreaker, Nat King Cole and a bottle of single malt. Commissioned and produced by Oxfordshire Theatre Company 2008, directed by Darren Cheek. Winner of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Award.

After You
Cast: 3 (2m/1w): 60 minutes
Drama about a teenage boy's chance meeting with his dead father's gay lover and how this impacts on his relationship with his mother and his nascent sense of identity. Commissioned and produced by Red Ladder Theatre Company 2002, directed by Wendy Harris.

Eliza's House
Cast: 3 (1m/2w): 60 minutes
Past and present collide in a house where no-one's very sure who's who and no-one's told the truth for forty years. Commissioned and produced by The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 2001, directed by Wils Wilson. Nominated for the Manchester Evening News Theatre Award: Best New Play and Winner of The Brian Way Award. Published by Samuel French Ltd.

Big Baby
Cast: 4 (2m/2w): 60 minutes
Darkly comic morality tale exploring the pressures of parenting and education in a world obsessed with the measurable. Jointly commissioned and produced by Theatre Centre, London and The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester 1999, directed by Simon Nicholson. Two subsequent productions by Visible Fictions and Oxfordshire Theatre Company. Runner up for The John Whiting Award 2000.

The Collywobbles
Cast: 5 (3m/2w): 60 minutes
Black comedy shifting between the present day and the 1940's as the arrival of a stranger compels two ex-Vaudevillians to confront past guilt and imminent death. Commissioned and produced by Greenwich Young People's Theatre 1993, directed by Viv Harris.

My Beautiful Laundrette
Cast: 9 (7m/2w): 120 minutes
Adaptation of Hanif Kureshi's screenplay starring Naveen Andrews and Ian Hart. Commissioned and produced by The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff 1990, directed by Kate Rowland. Tristan Bates Theatre London 2013, directed by Helen Tennison.

The Practical Significance of g
Cast: 11 (5m/6w): 60 minutes
Comedy-drama set in World War II exploring moral responsibility and the dangers of reducing the world to that which may be measured. Originally commissioned by The Crucible Youth Theatre 1989. Two subsequent productions.

Come Rain or Shine
Cast: 4 (2m/2w): 60 minutes
Original version of After You (see above) commissioned by SNAP Theatre company in 2000. Unperformed.

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